Creativity up your sleeve???

As my clock business has grown, I often hear people say to me, “oh, you are so creative!”.  I almost hear a yearning in their voice, like they too, wish that they could have this magical gene that allows them to be creative.  Although I do feel like I can be creative, five years ago, I would never I categorized myself as such.

So what changed??  The biggest influencer on my creativity was surrounding myself with creative people.  Six years ago I started working at a Project Based Learning high school and found myself surrounded by teachers and students who were really creative.  Although I had been a school counselor for 12 years prior to this change, I found myself merely wanting to work differently because of the examples of my colleagues.  During a recent ‘spirit week’ at my school, the art teacher told me that a student actually wanted to come to school that day just to see her outfit.  What a great example of being influenced AND influencing others by creativity.

Another influencer of my creativity is simply allowing myself to take risks.  And fail.  And be okay with failing.  And learning something from those failures.  In the beginning of my clock making, I made some ready bad clocks.  I knew in my head what I wanted the clock to look like and thought through how to execute it, but ultimately, some were big fat fails.  The best part of this was that I learned what not to do.  I learned what clocks didn’t sell, I learned what companies to not buy mechanisms from, and I learned how to not waste my time.




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