Something extra for a good old standby

DSC_0215The classic Antique White Clock with Roman Numerals has always been one of my favorites.  Not only was it the second clock I ever created, but I have made many of these for customers over the past almost two years.


Recently I had a customer ask me to add minute marks to the classic beauty.  And because some of my best designs have come from buyers’ requests, I happily agreed!  And I love it!!  I made the base of the clock like I always do, with planks of 1 by 6 pine.  I routed out the circle, and first painted it black on both sides, and then painted the front Antique White.  Once I had the Roman Numerals on, I carefully marked off lines for the minute marks.  I always use a 48″ level as a guide for this–I mark the opposite ends of clock as I go around the whole circle.


I then used a stencil to make each minute mark the same size, all 60 of them!!  And now I have a finished product for a customer that I love so much I am selling this in my ETSY shop!!

From this I have learned 1) you can always improve, even if something is good to start with and 2) listen to your customers!


Enjoy, Vickie


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