New to the shop–Personalized Wood Wall Clock!!

I have always wanted to make a personalized clock for a customer, and recently I was given that opportunity.  One of my customers asked to have her last name, wedding date and an infinity symbol painted on her 36″ Antique White clock.  And I was more than happy to do this!!


I started with a 36″ clock base that I painted in Antique White–my go to color for a white clock that is not too bright.  I made the slats vertical versus my usual horizontal.  I wasn’t sure if having horizontal planks would effect any of the wording and rather than take the chance, I decided to change the orientation of the planks.


Once I got the 4″ Roman Numerals painted on, I printed out the name, date and infinity symbol.  I always print lettering in Microsoft Word and use carbon paper to trace over the letters onto the clock face.  I then use a paint pen to fill in all of the letters.  Since some parts of the letters were very narrow, I did use a extra fine tip paint pen.


Next comes sealer, clock mechanism, hands and a hanger!  I liked this clock so much that I decided to start selling it in my ETSY shop.  You can find it here:

Now, do you want your own personalized wall clock????





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