Donohoe Designs

Do you love the idea of creating your own customized clock or sign made just for you?

Do you love decorating your home with a rustic flair?

Do you love quality handcrafted items that are timeless and unique?

Donohoe Designs specializes in creating rustic wood clocks and signs that are handcrafted, timeless and always original.


How we make our clocks:
Clocks from Donohoe Designs are made using ¾inch thick wood that is glued together and supported by two wood brackets screwed into the back of the clock. The round face is
created using a router. The clock is sanded, painted and then sealed for extra protection. A wire hanger is attached by screws to the back support brackets for easy hanging. A high torque clock mechanism is attached to the back of the clock.
How to hang your clock:
A wire hanger is attached to the back of your clock with screws.
The wire is rated for up to 30lbs of weight. Depending upon the size of your clock, it may weigh up to 16lbs.